Leave Your Loved Ones With a Bright Future

Leave Your Loved Ones With a Bright Future

Hire an estate planning attorney in Bel Air, MD

Do you have a specific plan in place for where your assets will go when you're gone? Don't let your hard-earned money get divided against your best wishes. A skilled estate planning attorney at Karas & Bradford will help you set up a legally binding will.

At estate planning attorney can help you draft a will that specifies:

Health care agent-this is the person you would like to make health-related decisions for you when you're no longer able.
Power of attorney-designate someone who you'd like to have full power to make financial decisions on your behalf.
Medical needs and wishes-specify how you'd like medical professionals to handle decisions for your health when you are unable to speak.

Spare your loved ones from having to make difficult decisions without your guidance. Call 410-836-0202 today for help with estate planning law in Bel Air, MD.

How will your assets be divided?

An estate planning attorney from Karas & Bradford can offer you sound legal advice on the financial aspect of your wills and trusts. How will you ensure your family or loved ones are financially protected after you're gone? Pass on generational wealth and protect your hard-earned assets.

Speak with us today for information on estate planning law in Bel Air, MD.