Reach Common Ground During the Divorce Negotiations

Reach Common Ground During the Divorce Negotiations

Schedule divorce mediation services in Bel Air, MD

Are you dealing with difficult family issues that have no clear solution in sight? Especially in matters involving child custody and child support, common ground can be difficult to find. Hire a mediation attorney at Karas & Bradford for help reaching the best outcome for your family in Bel Air, MD.

Kallia Butterworth, head of mediation, has years of experience helping families through get through the mediation process. The mediation process is a collaborative effort to reach effective solutions. Call 410-836-0202 today to schedule a consultation with a mediation attorney in Bel Air, MD.

What are the major benefits of mediation?

You don't have to wage a war on your spouse in court. Use a trained and neutral mediator to identify issues and resolve disputes. Opting for divorce mediation has a number of benefits, including:

Full control over the process without the use of a judge
Savings on legal fees
Protection of privacy
Convenient meetings accommodating your schedule
Efficient resolution of disputes without lengthy court battles

Both parties are free to consult with their own attorneys during the mediation process. Contact Karas & Bradford for help making the best decisions for your family.