Protect Your Family's Best Interests

Protect Your Family's Best Interests

Seek counsel for family law issues in Bel Air, MD

Family law issues are often deeply emotional and combative. Rational decisions become difficult when children are involved. You need a compassionate family law attorney to remain committed to the best interests of your family. Contact Karas & Bradford for assistance with family law in Bel Air, MD.

John S. Karas, our family law department head, will listen closely to the details of your case to develop a strategy tailored for your success. We handle a wide variety of family law issues, including:

Separation agreements
Child custody
Child support
Division of property
Spousal support
Change of name
Child in need of assistance (CINA) proceedings

If necessary, we will also represent you in family law litigation cases. Call 410-836-0202 today to speak with an accomplished family law attorney.

Remain an active participant in your child's future

Every child deserves to be raised in a safe and loving environment. Karas & Bradford will help you navigate difficult child custody laws to protect the best interests of your children. Are you seeking to appeal a custody decision? Our experienced attorneys are committed to excellence in every aspect of the appeals process.

We'll prepare all of the necessary appellate briefs and oral arguments. Contact us today to schedule a consultation in Bel Air, MD.